Our ever-evolving services

Intermodal logistics services

Integrated modal solutions for a wide intermodal network 

With our in-depth knowledge of the key Italian and international stakeholders (rail firms, port terminal operators, logistics providers and internal terminal operators) and our expertise and long experience in intermodal logistics solutions, Alpe Adria is the perfect partner to exploit innovative operational and commercial synergies to full effect. 

Devising and developing high-quality services

Engineering processes and intermodal networks; designing customer-oriented services

In an ever-changing global market driven by a growing ferment of ideas and innovations, including from the supply chain, Alpe Adria’s personal, tailored service-design approach enables us to build new solutions and enhance our existing portfolio. We use our tools and expertise, our customers and competitors, our resources and market insights to build evolving intermodal networks that influence and respond to a changing world.

Agency services-facilitating operations in Trieste’s logistics hubs

Consultancy and brokerage throughout the port value chain, from customs procedures to terminal procedures and more

Underpinned by the most effective business models, Alpe Adria’s intermodal services implement connections that enhance the logistics offering at the port of Trieste. We work with the port terminals and local logistics hubs in Trieste and Cervignano to support effective functional, operational and commercial integration in the logistics arena.